San Diego Mural Artist

My name is Unity, a New York-born and San Diego-based mural artist. At 41 years old, I’ve spent a lifetime immersed in the vibrant world of art. My journey began when I was just 16, painting my first mural, an experience that ignited a passion within me. Since then, I’ve created 300 murals scattered across the country, each a testament to my dedication and love for the craft.

From custom signage to helmets, masks, and fine art murals, my work spans both indoor and outdoor spaces. Every piece I create is a blend of imagination and skill, a fusion of colors and stories that bring walls to life. My artistry isn’t confined to just murals; I also have a 150-page book filled with poetry and illustrations, a personal project that marries my love for words and visuals.

As a child, I made a promise to myself to write the most interesting story I could with my life. Every stroke of the brush, every line of a poem, and every moment has been dedicated to fulfilling that promise. The world is my canvas, and I have used every minute to paint a life rich in creativity and expression.